For years we invest in instruments for rubber products, in order to have more control on the quality of the products we realized and on the prime material we bought.

  • Rheometer
  • Automatic and manual durometer
  • Digital thickness gauge
  • Specific gravity balance
  • Automatic and manual dimensional control
  • Analysis of variations in controlled environments
  • TGA
  • DSC
  • IR

Research and development

Thanks to the Know-how that grows since 1986 we suggest the ideals materials and tools for the project we receive. With the software 2D and 3D we check the designs, and together with the customer we define final characters, we choose the suitable mix, so we create the productive process.

The R&D has a particular attention in developing our machines and works in optics of Lean Production, to always optimize the productive spinneret and to improve the work place.