The tools and the materials are realized in Italy by professional partners on that we have relied on for years.

The attention in the projecting of these two elements is fundamental to guarantee the characters of final product, also to optimize the productive process. There are a lot of mixes and technologies of molds, here we list more commons:

  • 1 or more nozzles
  • 2 or more plates,
  • thermoregulated channels
  • automatic or manual cycle
  • maximum sizes are 600mm x 800mm


Base polymerFeatures
Working temperature
ACMResistance from oils, ozone.
-25°C / +180°C
AEMResistance from oils, UV rays, ozone, weather agents.-40°C / +180°C
CRResistance from lubricants, weather agents, gas, stress, self-extinguishing.-40°C / +110°C
EPDMResistance from ozone, weather agents.-55°C / +160°C
FFKMResistance from ozone, weather agents, fuels and chemical agents.-35°C / +320°C
FKMResistance from ozone, weather agents, fuels and chemical agents.-30°C / +240°C
FVMQResistance from fuels.-60°C / +230°C
HNBRResistance from oils, lubricants, ozone, abrasion.-40°C / +150°C
NBRResistance from oils, lubricants.-40°C / +120°C
NRResistance from electricity, abrasion, laceration, acids, salinity.-40°C / +90°C
VMQResistance from ozone.-65°C / +200°C